The Peanut Research Foundation's 2022 Annual Report

TPRF 2022 Annual reportHarnessing Peanut’s Potential through Investment & Innovation

The Peanut Research Foundation took progressive strides forward in 2022. Consistent with our goals, we funded 13 research projects related to disease and aflatoxin resistance, general methodology and research support. 

Through the scope of our work, we are looking to the future and providing an investment in exploration and innovation to benefit the entire U.S. peanut industry.

Looking ahead, the board and staff are charged with understanding industry feedback to reimagine the foundation and future research opportunities. Dr. Steve Brown, our executive director, presented a timeline at the June 2023 meeting to collect this feedback, synthesize the information and present to our stakeholders this vision for the future.  

The Peanut Research Foundation's 2022 Annual Report to the U.S. Peanut Industry, Harnessing Peanut’s Potential through Investment & Innovation, spotlights our 2022 accomplishments. 

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